The Importance of Content Marketing for Mortgage Leads

  • Posted by: Steve Parnell
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In the digital advertising world, we marketers have a little saying: “content is king.” But, what does that mean?

Content marketing derives from inbound marketing, which is a consumer-centric strategy that integrates well in our state of technology. The right inbound marketing puts consumers at the core of the advertising process (as they should’ve been all along).

By putting out exceptional content, we’re looking to drive in-or inbound- new customers. The goal is to nurture our audience through informative content with the hope they build a relationship with our brand.

The mistake many marketers make is deviating from the root of inbound marketing. They churn out poorly-crafted content and hope for the best. As with all advertising strategies, you’ve got to do your research and go in with a plan.

As a mortgage broker, you can find a plethora of new clients through digital marketing. Here’s how (and why) you should use this new-age strategy to bring in mortgage leads.

Provide Insight into the Mortgage Industry

We’re banking people, so we understand all the jargon, protocols, policies and what not. However, many outside this industry struggle with some of the technical information.

This problem alone is a straight path to finding new mortgage leads. People are asking questions, and they need answers. They’re looking for people like you to provide adequate support.

All that uncertainty creates an incredible advantage for you. There’s an endless supply of topics you can cover, from types of mortgage loans to finding the best broker.

You should also integrate more trending information onto your site. Especially as new laws and policies emerge, people turn to search to seek information.

You’re doing much more than filling in a gap with relevant information. You’re ultimately creating value for your brand in the eyes of your consumer.

The Internet is an Open Door for Finding Mortgage Leads

The Internet has taken what we know about generating leads and flipped that upside down. Unlike before, we now (plausibly) have access to thousands of new customers at our fingertips.

Most rely on search engines when looking for a product or service, especially within the financial sector. In fact, 50% of people have visited a local business within one day of a search.

This statistic indicates the need for content marketing. It boils down to companies like you who want to bridge this information gap. After providing this information, you have to be able to use it to convert leads.

Using the Internet to Find New Mortgage Leads

One downfall that many run into is they’re not being persistent or putting out new content on the regular. If you’re not consistently sharing the latest information, your site will drown in the sea of the other mortgage companies vying for that 1st-page status.

Your information has to be relevant and applicable if you want to leave a lasting impact. It doesn’t take a pro-marketer to discern between quality content and “spam” articles.

You know the ones. They’re stuffed with links and other promotional tactics (i.e., “You need my product because of XYZ”). You should avoid doing this because it’s tacky, unoriginal, and annoying.

Instead, use on-topic material to demonstrate the importance of your ideas. Expand on them through real-life examples and other statistics and proven theories. Use credible media sources, studies, and industry publications to support your content.

Video Marketing is No Longer a Choice

Instead, it’s a requirement.

If you aren’t familiar with video marketing, here’s a brief rundown. Video marketing provides a unique experience to the consumer. It’s much more immersive than reading an article or listening to a podcast.

In fact, it brings these efforts together. Your target audience gets both a visual and auditory effect, which leads to a better comprehension of the material.

Video benefits marketers because it’s how audiences prefer to receive their information. If you want to remain competitive in the cyber-sphere, you have to listen to what your audience is saying.

Last year alone, video marketing accounted for 72% of global internet traffic. Researchers predict video marketing will continue to dominate this realm. In fact, video clips will represent 82% of IP traffic by 2021.

Adapting to your customer’s preferences has to be an ongoing effort in your content plan. You need to deliver information to the outlet your audience uses. If you don’t, your efforts will become futile.

Tips on Video Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

So, how can you use video marketing to cultivate mortgage leads? The beauty of this strategy is you can condense the info you’re trying to convey down to a 2-3 minute clip.

You’ll still start at the top and find an appropriate topic that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s discussing FHA’s new interest rates or providing insight into some confusing terminology, research what’s relevant to your niche.

Since video clips are so short (or they should be at least), you have to prioritize what’s important. That doesn’t mean you need to skip over information- the goal, after all, is to be as transparent as possible.

But, you have to understand what ideas are worth expanding on and which you can quickly gloss over. For example, let’s use the FHA interest rate example. You should focus on the policies and not deviate into other semi-relevant information.

It’s understandable you want to throw a lot of information at your customer. But, remember, at the heart of content marketing is your consumer. It’s in your best interest to find what they’re looking for and adjust accordingly.

It’s never been easier to do your own marketing. But it’s never been harder to do it the right way, and mortgage broker marketing is no different.

Let’s Wrap This Up

A lot of financial companies struggle because they don’t know who’s in the market for a loan. Content marketing shows you where your customer is in their buying process.

If you’re looking to expand on your current content strategies, you’re in the right place. We understand how important it is to have an online presence to generate new mortgage leads.

We work exclusively with mortgage companies looking to leverage technology. If this sounds like you, contact us today and let’s get started.

Author: Steve Parnell
Steve is a mortgage marketing maven, he has a professional and educational background in mortgage origination that started in 1983 then in 1999 he began his journey into online marketing by developing 2 successful client generation websites. Steve is uniquely qualified to help you STOP chasing mortgage leads and truly build a mortgage origination business. Reach out, lets talk, you will surely go away with a feeling, at the very least, that this guy knows what he is talking about and can help me.

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