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What You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing for Mortgage Originators


Initially launched as ‘,’ it has grown to become one of the largest social media networking sites in the world.

It’s now so massive and popular that as of the 31st of December, 2017, it reached the milestone of having 2.13 billion monthly active users.

And it’s not just for the young. And studies back this up.

Pew Search found that as of the 1st of March this year, 68% of adult Internet users in the United States used the site!

Which brings us to the subject of Facebook marketing for mortgage brokers. The reason why you’re here in the first place.

In this post, we’ll talk about how this social media site can help your mortgage lead generation strategy. More importantly, how it can showcase your skills as a mortgage broker.

Without further ado, here are the Facebook marketing facts that’ll help you become a mortgage broker star.

Facebook as a Marketing Platform

First things first: social media is no longer just an “add-on” to marketing campaigns. It has become a necessity. A vital organ that keeps your online marketing campaign functional and healthy.

To put things in perspective, here’s a tidbit of information on mortgage loan applications:

There were more than 11.8 million mortgage loan applications in 2014. In 2016, this jumped to 13.9 million applications.

And while it’s true that mortgage application rates haven’t risen considerably after 2016, millions of potential homebuyers still send in their applications.

Now, consider the previously mentioned 68% of adult Internet users who spend time on Facebook. It’s highly unlikely that none of them are actually mortgage hopefuls.

What’s more likely is that they either have plans of applying for one. Or that they’ve already done so but still awaiting results.

This is where you come in. Where Facebook marketing for mortgage originators obviously plays a huge role in lead generation.

Essentially, this social media site is a platform that you should consider a haven for prospects. There are millions of people active here who want to obtain a mortgage and need help doing so.

And this person can be you or your team of mortgage experts.

Custom-Targeted Marketing

Facebook marketing for mortgage originators makes social media marketing easier, thanks to the platform’s advertising customization properties.

In other words, it lets you build for your specific niche, which consists of mortgage applicants. With the Facebook Custom Audience Tool, you can target your audience with not just relevant ads, but specific ones too.

This is an extremely useful tool for your mortgage business to send the word out about your expertise in home lending.

How useful is it?

The best example is how President Donald Trump secured his current position. Did you know that he invested $150 million dollars on Facebook (and Instagram) ads?

That’s how powerful Facebook marketing is.

Massive Visibility for Less

Just because social media marketing is now an essential doesn’t automatically mean that any platform will do the trick.

You want to increase your visibility, and you can’t do that if you market in an environment where no one (or just very few) is around.

Currently, Facebook sits on top of the most populated social media site hierarchy, with its 1.4 billion daily active users.

That’s the kind of environment you need.

Facebook marketing for mortgage originators also means fewer costs for you to think about. It’s less pricey than Google, and its video views cost less than YouTube.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should spend all your marketing dollars on Facebook alone. It does, however, show you just how much you can increase your visibility if you market on this platform.

Learn how to avoid mortgage leads who shop you to death over an 1/8th of a point. Ask me how you can connect only with genuine, targeted loan applicants who are ready to buy.

Consumer Participation Made Easy

Prior to the age of social media, businesses seeking out their customers’ insights had to do things, well, the old way. And that meant time-consuming direct mails or calling each customer for surveys. While these did work, all that time spent could’ve otherwise gone to doing other revenue-increasing tasks.

Today, this is no longer an issue. All it takes is a few minutes of crafting a “status update” on Facebook and waiting for all those comments, likes, or even shares to rack up.

For instance, you can post a high-resolution, artfully-crafted photo of a house for sale with a question as a caption. Even the simple “What do you guys think?” can already spark audience participation.

In other words, Facebook understands that “Time is gold.” Especially to businesses. With such quick feedback, you can immediately paint a picture of your brand in users’ minds. And in return, get their valuable feedback so you can further improve what needs improving.

Make People Hear Your Brand’s Voice

Facebook marketing for mortgage originators is key to brand awareness because the site gives you a chance to tell potential home buyers why they should work with you.

It’s a platform that lets you make people hear your brand’s voice. Literally and figuratively.

After all, you can post various types of content here, from written to graphic to even simple voiceovers.

Maybe a blog post of why they want to become homeowners in a particular neighborhood or city. Or an infographic-style post that shows improvements in a community’s real estate standing. Perhaps a video you made with a trusted real estate agent showcasing homes in your location.

The point here is, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creatively telling people all about your mortgage business. Just make sure you comply with the site’s regulations, so you don’t have to worry about the admins banning your posts.

Furthermore, it allows users to act upon your content without you ‘buying’ their favor. They can simply “Like” your post, or if they really like it, even share it on their own walls!

A really engaging status can even make them want to leave comments. That’s more valuable customer insight right there.

Ready to Start Using Facebook Marketing for Your Mortgage Origination Business?

We’re here to help you make the most out of Facebook for your mortgage business.

Connect with us to find out how our expertise can lower your cost of client acquisition, increase your conversion rate, put your mortgage marketing on autopilot and prevent you from ever having to Chase Mortgage Leads!

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